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What is ENVELOPE? It is a concept, a garment, a business, a way of thinking, a design direction, a way of wearing, a way of making clothing, an education and my passion.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

ENVELOPE garden workshop

We want to share an image of our ENVELOPE garden workshop with you. My partner Andrew (Andy), with the help from family and friends, built it for me so ENVELOPE could have a home. The workshop has a wonderful outlook.

This is before...

All the materials from the original garden shed were re-used.
This is after...

The full glass window and door was a gift from Andy's brother-in-law.

Looking out over the garden from my desk.
Andy is a Landscaper, so he also built blue stone edging and created a garden around the workshop. We are now just waiting for the plants to grow. yay!

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