Janette Ho @ Hanging Rock, Victoria Australia

What is ENVELOPE? It is a concept, a garment, a business, a way of thinking, a design direction, a way of wearing, a way of making clothing, an education and my passion.

Friday, April 2, 2010


1998 marks the very beginning of the ENVELOPE. I was studying an Master of Arts at RMIT and found an article in The Age newspaper about 5 snowboarders who dyed from the cold in the Australian Alps. They weren't dressed to suit their conditions and they froze to death.

Crystal and Taka in the original conceptual Envelope garment. The Envelope can be worn as a coat, dress, shirt or skirt
Fashion typically forgets about function. The boys were dressed fashionable. Fashionable clothing must be functional. Fashion must also be environmentally and socially responsible for it to be cool. I am concerned when fashion is socially and environmentally irresponsible and ENVELOPE strives to create change.

The business ENVELOPE is in, has developed in response to this concern.

ENVELOPE IS: a place for sharing ideas, how to make our world a better place.
We are an Educational, Design focused Fashion retail directed environmental and social design business. We want to work with you to help understand how to make our world a better place. The question is, how does Slow Fashion (read Sustainable Fashion) operate as a socially and environmentally responsible business framework?

ENVELOPE IS: in an ONLINE STORE @ envelope.bigcartel.com
We're currently making plans to sell Sustainable Fashion and accessories online and in retail outlets across Melbourne.

ENVELOPE IS: a collaborator.
We want to work with you on Art and Design projects.

ENVELOPE IS: an educator.
I teach a studio at RMIT University. It is part of an ongoing exploration in collaboration with Swensk. The question is how to teach a no waste principle,within a Slow Fashion framework, without losing your passion for making beautiful clothes.