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Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Common Sense Guarantee

ENVELOPE operates and is managed according to a certain process. This process was developed by Anthea van Kopplen, the designer at ENVELOPE over 10 years ago. The process is called LIDA - The Low Impact Design Approach. It is a holistic approach based on product lifecycle principles. ENVELOPE is committed to meeting the values surrounding environmental and social fairness and the need for all businesses to adopt a Take back system.

A design by Anthea van Kopplen for ENVELOPE made from offcuts donated by other fashion designers. Materials pictured are wool and silk.

A Take-back System is an industrial environmental process born from the white goods industry over 20 years ago in an attempt to reduce the amount of hazardous materials entering the environment, reducing waste. 

Our Take back system is a way of honoring 2 core principles of the business: no waste and longevity.

The materials we use are naturally indigo dyed, resistant to pests, antique and rare as well as being long lasting. ENVELOPE builds on the quality of these materials and the designs by offering you the opportunity to support us.

You have the opportunity to participate in making the world a better place by returning your garment when you no longer want it. Rather than throw it out. For a fee of between $100 and $300 we'll turn your Envelope garment into something new of your choice from the MINI range.

It makes sense doesn't it?  This is our Common Sense Guarantee.

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